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October 1954

I found this in among my late dad’s stuff. it is a copy of The Writer (the leading monthly for the journalist and author). It is dated October 1954 and is in pretty good nick. It has features by Beverley … Continue reading

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My First Rejection

As a writer I’m no stranger to having my work rejected – it’s a part of the job. It may surprise you to learn though that the first time I hoped to gain on the strength of something I’d written, I … Continue reading

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The Bus to Stardom

Back in the heyday of punk rock I had aspirations of being in a band, churning out high-powered tunes with lyrics that reflected the negativity of the genre. The only snag in this plan was the fact that I cannot … Continue reading

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Kids of the Street

I don’t know how popular street games are in these days where everything from football to snowboarding can be played on a games console. When I was a kid most people loved to be out in the street and there … Continue reading

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Automatic for the People

Automatic (adj & n) 1: (of a machine, device etc, or its function) working by itself, without direct human intervention. So says the dictionary. And from the machine you wash your clothes in to the car you drive, if that … Continue reading

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The Quirky Keyboard

As children grow up they have to face quite a few disappointments in life. They learn that pixies, the tooth fairy, and that guy in the red suit don’t exist. They discover that green vegetables are not merely a garnish; … Continue reading

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A One-to-One on Word

Back in the 1990s a mobile phone network ran a series of TV ads where famous people were asked which prominent figures from the hereafter they would like to have a one-to-one conversation with. A couple I remember are ex-footballer … Continue reading

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The Soap Box Semaphore

On their way home from the boy scouts’ meeting, Billy and Sam talked idly about school, television and girls. Billy was in particularly high spirits as, now that he was sixteen, he had just earned his badge for cigarette rolling. … Continue reading

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Long Live the Lunch Break

From the builders of the great pyramids in Egypt to telephone staff in a modern call centre, the lunch break has played an essential part in getting the job done – and the modern worker is spoilt for choice when it … Continue reading

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The Lamp Lighter Cometh

When I was a child there was a popular brand of washing powder called OMO, which has long since vanished from our supermarket shelves (although I do believe it is still in production in some parts of the world). A … Continue reading

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