It’s blowing a gale here right now. On nights such as this I wish the camera crew from a TV wildlife programme would come and set up outside my bedroom. Why? Because I can guarantee that rare and timid species, the rattling coke tin (aluminius irritatus), will make an appearance throughout the night.

 I do not know where it hibernates during non-windy nights, but as soon as there is anything over a stiff breeze out it comes, rattling back and forth on the road under my bedroom window in a stop-start manner that is perfect for keeping me awake. Once I even went out looking for it but, I kid you not, it was nowhere to be seen or heard – until I got back into bed.

On rare occasions it has been known to come out during daylight hours, but this was only when I was working night shift.

 If it comes out tonight I’ll get some night-vision video footage of it.

About Joe Young

Supposed writer from the north-east coast of England.
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3 Responses to Tinwatch

  1. Me says:

    You’re waving mad do you know that?

    Almost peed my pants reading that.

  2. Lexia says:

    One of those time-lapse cameras would be good. Then you can pin point the exact spot from which the can emerges. You could then set a trap for it (in daylight or when you are on nights) Maybe you could investigate to see if this a seasonal thing ie. Spring Tin Watch/Autumn Tinwatch a la TV prog. I think it’s an unmissable forthcoming programme 🙂

  3. ckandrew says:

    I used to be haunted by one of those!
    Uncanny, eh?

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