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The Mercury Prize

I consider myself to be quite fortunate in that I had a pretty trauma-free childhood. Some people I know had all kinds of problems as children and when I look at their experiences I am pleased to reflect that my own … Continue reading

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Nothing But Repeats

You may remember last year there was a programme on BBC1 in which six ageing celebrities, Lionel Blair, Maggie Smith, Kenneth Kendal, Sylvia Sims, Derek Jameson and Dickie Bird, took part in an experiment where they were effectively transported back … Continue reading

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A Child’s Desires

It is generally considered that a child watching television or reading a comic is partaking in a harmless pastime. This may be true to an extent, but my own experience is that what I was reading or watching often instilled … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold

One of the must-watch TV shows from my childhood was The Monkees, the completely madcap adventures of a pop group comprising three Americans and a young Englishman. The main piece of trivia associated with the show (apart from the fact … Continue reading

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Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

I call it organised chaos like there is some sort of order to it all but really the organised part of the phrase is superfluous; it’s just chaos. I am referring to what I laughingly call my filing system. While … Continue reading

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The Grey, Grey Grass of Home

The modern armchair football fan is, it has to be said, spoiled. Armed with his doofer, he can flick through dozens of channels in search of live matches or highlights shows. And when he finds a match he fancies he … Continue reading

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My World Imploded

Many years ago when I was a married man, I lived on a fairly rough estate and I worked at a job that didn’t pay great wages. Televisions were nowhere near as reliable as they are today and ours was … Continue reading

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