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It Started with a Grunt

There is a popular, if fanciful, perception that communication between humans was born when one stereotypical caveman, clad in animal skin and with bed hair, grunted in a certain way and another caveman understood the meaning of that grunt. And … Continue reading

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Five Minutes

I recently posted on here about a hitchhiking trip to Edinburgh that almost ended in disaster. A more frequently visited destination for us back in those days was Batley in West Yorkshire. We had a couple of mates down there who … Continue reading

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A Fit of the Giggles

We’ve all laughed at out-take shows when newsreaders or interviewers suddenly get a fit of the giggles at something which, on reflection, is not really very funny. More to the point, I’m sure most of us have done it at some time. … Continue reading

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My First Success

The first article I ever had published was in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. It was in a Tuesday column called Oi, Ref!, which took a light-hearted look at the world of football. To be honest the article wasn’t published as I’d … Continue reading

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Panicky in the UK

When I was a young man I got quite heavily into the punk scene (we never die – our safety pins just rust). I ran a music fanzine, Aural Nightmares (later Hyena), and through this I came into contact with … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the Short Distance Swimmer

I went swimming the other day for the first time this year. I managed to do 22 lengths, but not consecutively; there were frequent rests. After the first length, which I did front crawl, I clung onto the rail in … Continue reading

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A Messi Incident

I have just returned from a very enjoyable camping trip to the Nottingham area.  The weather was brilliant and the site had the cleanest amenities I’ve ever had the pleasure to pee in. On the Sunday, I headed to the nearby … Continue reading

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No News is Bad News

Despite the rather embarrassing episode of the unfurling post-it note that I related in an earlier post, Starting Off on the Wrong Foot, Jane overlooked the matter and we actually started dating. It lasted precisely three weeks, and I was … Continue reading

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