Not Such a Bad Day at the Office

my office today

It’s deadline day tomorrow, so these past few days I’ve been cooped up in the flat like a baked spud in a microwave. I’m not doing too bad – most of my workload is all but completed but I still had two whole articles to write as of this morning. Instead of having another stint sitting at my desk for hours, I packed some stuff and went up the road to Atlee Park to work there. This, along with Quincy and going to bed ‘to think’, is one of the boons of working from home.

The weather was OK, but threatening to cloud over. I had the park to myself, apart from the occasional dog walker, and I got stuck into writing with birdsong for company. In just an hour I had written a complete article on strategic decision making and Buridan’s Ass, which I am just about to type up.

work station

I had just finished writing when the cloud thickened and a Frisbee-flinging family arrived. They were welcome to the park – I’d had my fresh air, vitamin D intake and I got some work done. I packed up my stuff and came home.

I guess it beats working in a factory.

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3 Responses to Not Such a Bad Day at the Office

  1. Baggy says:

    I’d sort of planned to do that today – unfortunately the weather has other ideas!

  2. Joe Young says:

    Yeah, the weatherman said it was going to cloud over so I went pretty sharpish. I’m glad I did too because I just looked out the window and the roads are wet.

  3. mystery shopper says:

    What a great way to work 🙂

    My weatherman told me it would rain, heavily, today. Strange that, as I think I’ve burned me chest.

    I hope you have many more days like that and I’m glad you found it inspirational, being outside.

    Good luck in reaching your deadline with all your articles.

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