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A Chewing-gum Standoff

When I was a child, there stood a house at the top of our street that served as a general dealer’s. Several vending machines were mounted on the wall to the right of the bay window of the shop: one … Continue reading

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When Children Were Encouraged to Smoke

Attitudes towards smoking have hardened considerably in recent years, particularly around children. Things were much different during my childhood though. I quit smoking almost twenty years ago. The day came just after the Budget, when I told myself that enough … Continue reading

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Damn You, Vivaldi

I used to like Vivaldi. I always considered the venerated Venetian one of the more accessible of the classical composers. Snatches of his Four Seasons have graced TV adverts and cookery programmes for years, and I once had a cassette … Continue reading

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Childhood Christmas Memories: The Tree, The Toys, The Temptation

They say that as we get older we remember things from childhood with more clarity than recent events. I don’t know how much truth there is in this but I have certain memories from when I was a child that … Continue reading

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Wake Me Up When December Ends

Now let me say straight away that I am not a Scrooge type, and Christmas to me is not humbug. I do enjoy the day itself, the presents, the food and drink, and seeing family and friends. That wonderful drowsiness … Continue reading

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Kipless in Kebabville

Do you believe in karma? In my younger days I had been known to throw the occasional wild party at weekends. My neighbours weren’t too impressed with this and I took on board what they said; after all, it’s not … Continue reading

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Joke Update

In my Divvint Hoy Me Ganzy in the Clarts post I somehow forgot this gem. Two soldiers, a sergeant and a private from Newcastle, are hacking their way through thick jungle with machetes. The sergeant suddenly stops and gestures for … Continue reading

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