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No News is Bad News

Despite the rather embarrassing episode of the unfurling post-it note that I related in an earlier post, Starting Off on the Wrong Foot, Jane overlooked the matter and we actually started dating. It lasted precisely three weeks, and I was … Continue reading

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The Bus to Stardom

Back in the heyday of punk rock I had aspirations of being in a band, churning out high-powered tunes with lyrics that reflected the negativity of the genre. The only snag in this plan was the fact that I cannot … Continue reading

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The Soap Box Semaphore

On their way home from the boy scouts’ meeting, Billy and Sam talked idly about school, television and girls. Billy was in particularly high spirits as, now that he was sixteen, he had just earned his badge for cigarette rolling. … Continue reading

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My Cat, Ethel

I had a friend whose cat had had six kittens. He got rid of five and he asked me if I’d be interested in taking the last one, a female. It was a cute little thing, mainly black but with … Continue reading

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The Half Hanging of Nathan Quigley

When police headed to Nathan Quigley’s shoreline cottage to investigate reports that his wife had disappeared, they expected to be given a plausible explanation. When they arrived to find Mr Quigley stuffing bloodstained bed sheets into a bag, they approached … Continue reading

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