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Games Among the Graves

The residential area of Cowpen Newtown, where I lived as a child, consisted of three rows of terraced houses. The back lane of the westernmost of these, John Street, looked onto a cemetery that was in a state of some … Continue reading

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The Daredevil

The bunting that stretched between lamp posts, and the cheering crowd that lined the route were only present in my imagination, but when I wheeled my MoBo scooter up to the top of the street, I felt like Evel Kinevil … Continue reading

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Child Exploitation

In the small two-street enclave of Cowpen where I grew up, my friends and I got to know by name virtually all the adults who lived there. It didn’t take us long to suss out which housewives paid the best … Continue reading

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A Chewing-gum Standoff

When I was a child, there stood a house at the top of our street that served as a general dealer’s. Several vending machines were mounted on the wall to the right of the bay window of the shop: one … Continue reading

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Halloween, Then and Now

For a good few weeks now, supermarkets have allocated a considerable amount of aisle space to the promotion of Halloween related goods. Walking down the designated aisles in some supermarkets is a scarier journey than a ride on the Ghost … Continue reading

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Childhood Christmas Memories: The Tree, The Toys, The Temptation

They say that as we get older we remember things from childhood with more clarity than recent events. I don’t know how much truth there is in this but I have certain memories from when I was a child that … Continue reading

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My First Rejection

As a writer I’m no stranger to having my work rejected – it’s a part of the job. It may surprise you to learn though that the first time I hoped to gain on the strength of something I’d written, I … Continue reading

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Kids of the Street

I don’t know how popular street games are in these days where everything from football to snowboarding can be played on a games console. When I was a kid most people loved to be out in the street and there … Continue reading

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